首頁 設計空間 【弄木人文空間 莊舒云、劉文婷】和暖氛圍氤氳一室 豐盛鍋物漂留食光


【弄木人文空間 莊舒云、劉文婷】和暖氛圍氤氳一室 豐盛鍋物漂留食光

OPEN Design
【弄木人文空間 莊舒云、劉文婷】和暖氛圍氤氳一室 豐盛鍋物漂留食光



日暮不問歸途,星星燈火留步在夜晚的藍。弄木人文空間設計 莊舒云 設計總監、劉文婷 總經理鍋物店 重新定義,尋找品牌風格,在餐飲空間林立的精華地帶,以鮮明意象對比,植入視覺記憶點——黑色鐵皮外殼象徵黑夜包裹,內裡貼以雲彩般流動的藍牆,一盞盞燈具亮起,如同萬家燈火點燃,牽引食客前往。

At dusk, wallowing in the blue night beneath shining stars and streetlights, forget the way home! Nong Mu design Joye Chuang design director and Celine Liou general manager redefine the hotpot restaurant for setting up the brand style. As situated in the prime location where the dining stores stand, hence adopt the distinctive contrast elements to implant stunning visual memories. The black metal structure seems embraced by the night, and the floating cloud figures on the blue wall inside, comply with the lamps light up, full of homey atmosphere that inviting the diners to come.


We exploit the varying flow of the interior layout to lead the customers to change their mood gradually. With different table boards to enlarge the floor effect, further, the servers and the diners both feel ease, as well to create the comfy interaction among the meals. The rising temperature gently warms up with the flow of people.

視覺拓延 傳遞信息 Visual extension transmitting information


The hand-made huge floral ornaments hang at the entrance, converging the line of sight in the center of the space, consistent with the design lamps of the same axis through the mesh-screen, which seems fireworks blooming and falling above the bar counter, then diverge into the aisle after diverging to all sides.


The mesh-screens not only well arranged the flow of people, moreover provide the dining privacy and faintly create penetrate vision. The beverage bar and the seasoning stand are placed centrally, the taste buds will be stimulated by looking at the bright meat cabinet.


The floor is spliced with stone texture and wood grain, inlaid with golden aluminum strips to imply the direction of the flow, the custom leather seats also make use of blue and green tinge; by way of different texture and hues to divide the space very well. The overall spatial scheme makes people looking forward to savor now and then.

動線鋪陳 環扣心理 According to the requirements to layout the flow


The layout divides the dining area and the kitchen space into two large blocks: the sauce island is placed in the center and the meat cabinet that services as the end view of the dining area. Differentiate the kitchen with the wall, so that the circulations are separated and delimited. After establishing the central island position, the flow extends from both sides, and the seats are arranged according to the needs that divided into single, double and multi-person, hence as well as creating the maximum usage effect of the floor. Accordingly, the design of the spatial configuration captures the psychology of customers' behavior, and at the same time meeting the servers' and the diners' needs, so as bringing about an inviting circumstance.

桌體懸浮 預埋迴路 Floating table and invisible circuit form the tidy vision


In view to avoid the empty perception of the open pattern of the dining area, the dining tables are in different forms of suspension and landing, and the different forms of table boards create the layering visual effect, which symbolizing the process of the mood from wandering to gradual stability.


A wire groove and a storage space are provided under the table board, and a heat dissipation hole is designed on the side to reduce the possibility of overheating of electrical appliances, which has both safety and practical functions from human using. The elevated table structure via the complex processing of ironwork, carpentry and illumination, accurately embedded the circuit, and the current circuit is from the table board through the iron pieces to the ground, forming the concise and transparent sense of vision. In the boiling pot, the smell turns into iron pieces, fixed the floating tables, and like a rope to tie the dinners' hearts.

天頂弱化 調配燈距 Reduce parts of the ceiling and well adjust the distance of lamps


The structure of the building is about eight to nine meters high; in view to overcome the original metal high structure, we lower the ceiling to weaken the gap, as well reduce the energy consumption of air-conditioning. And then exploit the balmy wooden pieces of the ceiling and the cold black curtain to produce interesting changes with the high and low levels. We make use of hanging track lamps and chandeliers for lighting settings, which guide the visual concentration of meals, moreover present as the shining stars in the blue night, so as bringing out the serene savor time.

軟裝配置 留存情境 The furnishing feature save happiness ambience


The furnishing scheme is planned with the idea of bestowing striking vision and happy memory to our customers. The texture of the Italy non-toxic blue paint wall, matches with the sparkling lighting, further assort with the black metal sheets; take the advantages of those elements just like fireworks in the night. The wood texture floor and the stone texture desktops highlight the white utensils and the steaming heat gently warm up the space.

OPEN Design 動能開啟傳媒:http://www.openworld.tv/talk/

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首頁 設計空間 【弄木人文空間 莊舒云、劉文婷】和暖氛圍氤氳一室 豐盛鍋物漂留食光